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I’m an artist born and raised in South LA, and the son of two Mexican parents that worked in manual labor. I’m an artist, printmaker, life-long learner, and educator. My work is an amalgamation of my interests; juxtaposing ideas and making connections; and using humor to keep the work connected.

I work primarily with paper, drawing, and printmaking to direct attention to the fragility of things, the distribution of information, and our throw-away society; particularly with printmaking and its history with the distribution of knowledge. I see printmaking as a relevant media to discuss the distribution of information, manual labor, and democratizing the accessibility of art.

My recent work has become more overtly political in nature due to our current political and social climate in America, which isn’t always fun to work on or with but it sure can be cathartic. Looking back through the years, I realized that many of the artists I admire used their art practice to make political and social commentary about their times. I see my work evolving into being a reflection of my times and experiences in hopes of holding those in power accountable and helping to make changes to better our society.

As I make art, read, and have conversations with other creatives and makers, I am also drawn to the importance of having a creative practice in everyone’s life. I’m still formalizing this aspect of my practice, but I’m being open and playing while doing so.