I’m an artist born and raised in South LA and son of two Mexican parents that worked in manual labor. My work is an exploration of the creative process with hands-on play. I’m an avid learner and use art to process and interpret what I learn about the world, mixing in humor for good measure.

I work primarily with paper, drawing, and printmaking to direct attention to the fragility of things, the distribution of information, and our throw-away society; particularly with printmaking and its history with printed material, such as books, flyers, posters, and fine art applications. I see printmaking as a relevant media to discuss the distribution of information in the digital age, the importance of manual labor, and democratizing the accessibility of art.

Drawing is how I got into art-making as a kid. Drawing’s simple, versatile, and immediate nature allows me to get ideas onto a surface fast and raw. I find it’s materials to be more accessible and available to a larger audience, and can get people to learn and appreciate the act of putting down our individual views of the world.

My most recent work has focused on three areas. First, art as self-reflection and expression, focusing on mental health. Second, creating work as a response to the social unrest and protests sparked by instances of police brutality and misconduct towards people of color, reformation of the police and justice systems, and the current administration. Third, and most recent, using humor and satire to bring levity to the discussion of heavy and difficult social and ecological issues.